John Macik

Wealth Advisor Sports & Entertainment Management
John Macik, Wealth Advisor Sports & Entertainment Management
North Carolina Office
500 East Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

With over 40 years of experience in the financial & professional sports and entertainment industry, John focuses on the development of investment strategies, financial planning, portfolio management, and alternative investing for the unique needs of NFL players and coaches, college coaches, other professional athletes, NASCAR drivers, and professional entertainers.

John served as a Regional Director for the NFL Players Association. Subsequently, he became agent-of-record for golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, where he founded Golden Bear Sports Management. While with Jack Nicklaus, John also became agent-of-record for Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion, whom ABC Broadcasting called “America’s Sweetheart”. He has also been involved in many sports and entertainment industries, including professional team sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, and MISL), individual sports (PGA, NASCAR, Pro Ice Skating, Pro Tennis, US Olympics) as well as entertainment properties, sporting goods, sports licensing and sports law.

John has recruited, signed, and negotiated contracts for 55 NFL players, 6 MLB players, 1 NBA player, and 15 PGA Tour players. He has negotiated over 500 individual NFL player Contracts and was involved in negotiating over 4,000 NFL player contracts while at the NFLPA. As an NFL Player Agent, he personally negotiated the two largest NFL player contracts ever for an NFL offensive center and a kicker. He has negotiated over $700m in successful Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorship, and Mergers & Acquisitions for Professional Sports Teams, Businesses and Properties.