Commitment to transparency and collaboration

Biltmore Family Office maintains a relentless commitment to transparency, collaboration, and partnership governance. Committed to always remaining independent, our partners are fee-paying clients and aligned similarly with client families. This means our highest value to the firm is as a client, raising the bar to a higher code of conduct, accountability, and a fiduciary standard of trust than those typically found in many institutional financial firms.

Our firm is not built to be scalable - on purpose. Our collaborative family office encourages learning from one generation to the next, and our success is founded on this shared human and intellectual capital growth, rather than the larger institutions’ need to increase assets under management and scale to achieve returns for outside shareholders.

Stewardship of generational wealth

Families grow and change. Children and grandchildren age. Generational financial priorities evolve.

Our approach to sustaining and building family wealth employs a unique family balance sheet framework, seamlessly integrating investments, wealth transfer & tax planning, family governance & education, and robust reporting. Placing equal importance on all of these and prioritizing proactivity over reactivity distinguishes Biltmore Family Office from other financial management firms. BFO’s sole focus is the delivery of smart, sensible, long-term, and customized stewardship of generational wealth by protecting, growing and educating families to build a lasting legacy.

Working with families like yours to solve for real wealth challenges.

Our investment goal is to increase family assets over inflation, spending, taxes, liabilities, and generational expansion by actively managing returns, cash flows, volatility, and illiquidity.

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One measure of generational success is not necessarily how much you make, but rather how much you keep net of taxes and the alignment of those returns with your family priorities. The proactive design, implementation, and continual oversight of your family’s planning and risk management are an essential element to your success.

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Financial education combined with a structured and deliberate communication of your wealth intentions are paramount to each of our families who share the joint mission of ensuring their heirs are well prepared individually and collectively. A successful family legacy does not happen by chance.

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Clear, consolidated, and comprehensive reporting is created and customized for each family member and family group to measure not only investment performance, but all aspects of your legacy-building activities as well. Knowing what you own, what purpose it serves, and how you hold it is vital to making better decisions.

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With a dedicated team of professionals in North Carolina and Florida, Biltmore Family Office remains committed to serving as the family office for your family. We’re built for your family’s sustainability, not our firm’s scalability.

We score success by client satisfaction, by robust reporting, by wealth propagation and by the untarnished resolution that our conduct adheres to a clear set of core values that guides every aspect of our work. Your success is, quite literally, our only measure of success.

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