From our firm’s inception, we hold ourselves accountable with streamlined reporting addressing everything our families need - and nothing they don’t. We heard from many that countless statements from banks and brokers were often over-complicated, generic, and built for the custodian or bank’s view of your wealth instead of yours. Our reporting changes that.

A client summed it up with, “Finally reporting that is so simple to understand, it’s really profound.”

Building your family balance sheet is the foundation for our reporting framework. It allows for comprehensive, accurate, timely, and customized reports on all family assets, their associated cash flows, and often complex and changing ownership structures. The 'liabilities’ of your balance sheet reflect the long-term priorities for your wealth.

Family Reporting Priorities

Lifestyle – What you require to meet annual and shorter-term needs.

Generational – What you require to meet the longer-term needs of today’s living generations.

Legacy – What you need to continually regenerate the family’s wealth for future generations or philanthropy.

This reporting framework lends itself well to the wealth education of even the youngest generation. Over time, the complexity and detail of their reporting increases alongside their growing level of education, responsibility, and maturity. Additionally, customized reports are created for our client’s other professional advisors, directly giving them the data they need and eliminating this hassle for our clients. Reporting is a game-changer for our families, not a frustration.