Feb. 14, 2024

2023 Year in Review and 2024 Year Ahead

2023 was a year of transition. Covid-19 presented an historic crisis. We all know what happened. Governments poured money into the system, spending boomed, and inflation followed. 2023 was the year to transition from crisis to something new. In this presentation, we will examine that transition, its effects and ultimately an outlook on the new era. Only we view this new era as a return to something we’ve seen before. We call it The Old Normal.

Tune in to Biltmore Family Office's Chief Investment Officer, Rael Gorelick, as we review 2023's results and look ahead to the coming 2024. Listen to the commentary below, or by clicking here.


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Biltmore Family Office is an independent SEC-registered advisor to investment-oriented business owners and their families.

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