April 28, 2021

BFO's 2021 First Quarter Macroeconomic Review

Today, we’ll provide a broad overview of the current investment landscape. Each quarter, we dig into a particular topic, worthy of your attention. Following months of lockdown, the first quarter of 2020 presented an early look at Post-Covid life. It is rare that the world so clearly lines up in a single direction – Government stimulus, 0% interest rates for the foreseeable future, a fast vaccine rollout, pent-up demand, record consumer savings, strong bank balance sheets… and a brand new $2t infrastructure plan in the works. The government is providing a tremendous amount of rocket fuel to the economy. Will we reach escape velocity or will we burn up in a fire of inflation? In this presentation, we’ll take a closer look at the countdown to economic liftoff. Please click this link for the video presentation.


2018 Investment Update - The New Paradigm: REVISTED

Biltmore Family Office works to ensure future generations are prepared to grow and manage the family’s wealth with responsibility, accountability, and respect for legacy.

2022 Year in Review and 2023 Year Ahead

Review of markets in 2022 and a look ahead to the 2023 year with BFO's Chief Investment Officer, Rael Gorelick.

2023 Q3 Quarterly Macro Review

It seems that we wake up each day to a new significant news story. It's hard to keep up. This quarter, we try to provide a relevant narrative out of the complex array of events bombarding us each day. Within that narrative, what does it mean for our investment allocations?