Jan. 4, 2016

BFO - A Collaborative Family Office

When the founding families of our firm created Biltmore Family Office, they created a way to solve for their own wealth challenges, including investments, estate and tax planning, fiduciary administration, risk management, and family governance. As our firm has grown, our original culture is still what guides the basis of each and every family relationship in an independent boutique firm where you are more than just a client. Each family becomes part of that cultural fabric that makes Biltmore different.

We think like families because we are families. We are your family’s advocate and work to continually provide you with relevant information and knowledge, execute seamlessly on your behalf, and report to you, transparently and timely, collaborating every step of the way. For a two-page summary of our firm, please click here.


Reporting Built Around the Client

While explaining portfolios can seem complex, Biltmore Family Office explains our client's wealth in a language the client can understand.

Due Diligence - What is it and why is it Important to my Family

Biltmore Family Office searches for investment managers that will drive return out of a special investment edge, a market inefficiency, and/or a temporary mispricing.

Ringing in the New Year with the SECURE ACT

Biltmore Family Office is a dedicated team of professionals in North Carolina and Florida, Biltmore Family Office remains committed to serving as the family office for your family.