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When you become a Biltmore client, you become part of something bigger. You plug into a network of like-minded families who are seeking insight into the same challenges you face. There is strength in numbers.

Our families come to us seeking solutions for the challenges that they face today and for the challenges that their children will face tomorrow. Our firm’s structure is built to provide you with:

to our key decision makers
recommendations specific to your family
that includes us working with any outside service providers
invested alongside you
a company governance structure designed to last for generations into the future


We thoughtfully invest through four underlying principles:


We carefully invest capital as though it were our own and take a long-term view.



We seek beyond the “standard” metrics and explore ceaselessly to uncover the best talent in the world.



We articulate the “why” behind every investment decision and document the path of diligence, all performed by our in-house investment group.



Your assets and priorities underscore each decision we make.





Our investment process begins with a candid conversation that goes beyond your financial statements and includes your family members, your profession, your philanthropic ambitions and what you do for fun. This in-depth dialogue creates a vivid picture of your financial life.


Once we understand you, we can help you identify the priorities you have now, what you will need in the future, and the legacy you wish to leave. Your requirements and priorities drive your investments.


From these decisions we create a dynamic investment plan that we carefully implement on your behalf.  Each investment we make for you is a purposeful step toward your priorities. Once we execute on your investment priorities, we vigilantly monitor your portfolio, reviewing and renewing, as needed.



 Our families tell us that the difference is simple: their statements are built around them, and clearly show what they are solving for. We provide you with clear, easy to read statements that show the assets we manage alongside the assets we do not, all in one place. You have access to this any time, any place via a safe, secure online portal. 


Our wealth planning process is centered around the priorities established by you, for you, for your family, and for future generations. Our team of proficient advisors helps to make things clear, carefully laying out the benefits and consideration so you can make informed decisions.  The wealth planning tools we use help you to prioritize, plan and execute your objectives. We help you consider things like:


  • Taxes

  • Estate Planning

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow 

  • Succession Planning

  • Fiduciary Administration

  • Milestone Planning 

  • Charitable Giving


We work with you, and your outside attorneys and tax professionals, to create a plan that assembles all the pieces in a way that works for you. 

Biltmore Family Office has two office locations, serving families throughout the United States.

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